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Rwanda steps up Ebola vigilance on DRC border

Medics doing a screening exercise at the Rusizi border

Medics doing a screening exercise at the Rusizi border

Authorities in Rusizi district, which borders Rwanda and RD Congo in the west, have stepped up efforts to prevent Ebola penetration with tight screening of border movement especially on Congolese nationals enter into Rwanda.

The development comes after Ebola was confirmed in Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday.

Dr Raphael Uzabakiliho, the area in-charge of the health exercise said that fforeigners are being screened and whoever will be found to have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius and above will not be allowed into the country,

Adding that returning residents found to have the symptoms will be required to stay at an isolation facility at the border posts.

Apparently, Maria Nyirangirumpatse, a medic, says that since the commencement of the screening exercise on august 26, 2014, no case has been identified but the medical experts are well equipped and paying attention to any signs of the disease among the persons crossing borders from both countries.

In a related development, members of the East African Community-Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (EAC-CASSOA) said there is a need to institute immediate measures to mitigate and prevent the spread of the virus and other communicable diseases into the region, saying Kenya, a member state, has already been classified as a high risk country.

Ministry of Health followed confirmation of cases of Ebola in neighbouring Democratic Republic Rwanda will not allow entry of persons from Ebola-stricken West Africa, in measures to protect its citizens against the epidemic which has so far killed 1,427 people.


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