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Rwanda : Residents urged not to isolate HIV/AIDS victims

Residents urged not to

The head of the commission against AIDS in Kayonza district Edouard Muhima Ruhayisha said that fighting AIDS should go hand in hand with the way people that have it are handled.

He said this few days after the International AIDS day calling on people in Kayonza to stop isolation against HIV/AIDS victims.

He added on saying that “there are people who think they cannot get the disease when sleep with someone with it, adding on that these people should be educated more about the disease”.

He called on the girls to always fight against the sugar daddies that tempt them when they might even be having the disease since this was one thing that caused a rise in the spread of the disease.

Statistics on health show in Kayonza show that there are many people with the disease in villages than in the city.

He said that “this could be because people do not know much about the disease maybe and therefore get infected”.

He called on the youths to always remember using a condom if they cannot be without sex and also called old men to stop luring young girls and then infecting them with the disease. For married people he advised them to remain faithful to their partners.



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