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Ngoma: Development partners visit HIV/AIDS association

Partners in the fight against AIDS in Ngoma district have visited ‘Dukore’ (pineapple growing association) for the people living with HIV/AIDS) in Ngoma district.

The visit was intended to evaluate the activities of 2012 and to device new measures of improving pineapple productivity grown on 8 hectares of land.

During the visit, development partners thanked the association members and promised them market since the district authorities sealed the deal with Inyange industries to buy the produce.

Members of Dukore association reveal they are assured of long life because they are earning money to take care of themselves.

“None of us gets money problems, we work together. Starting from this harvest we hope to achieve our dreams in five years to come,” explains Nyiramigabo, one of the members.

Patrick Gakara, coordinator of SSF HIV and APEESPE project funded by global fund assures the members that Inyange industries will buy the produce after harvesting.

“Association members shouldn’t worry about the market of the pineapples because it will be their first harvest. Inyange Industries will buy pineapple produce in Ngoma district,” he adds.

Ngoma district administration says living with HIV/Aids virus doesn’t mean living in poor conditions and encourages the members to move forward.


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