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BRD in housing campaign for Rwandan returnees

m_BRD in housing campaign for Rwandan returnees

The BRD Director giving out a dummy cheque of Rwf30m to MIDIMAR PS

The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees Affairs (MIDIMAR) has received Rwf30million, a financial support from the Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) to construct houses for Rwandans recently expelled from Tanzania.

The handover was done in Kiyanzi Refugee Camp in Kirehe district where the Rwandan returnees are staying since being chased away from Tanzania on Saturday the 30th, 11, 2013.

BRD and MIDIMAR representatives also participated in a monthly community work to close the month of November in this Refugee camp. The community work involved doing cleanliness in the camp especially making trenches.

m_BRD in housing campaign for Rwandan returnees1

The community works in Kiyanzi Refugee Camp

Alexis Kanyankore the director of BRD said they decided to do community work in Kiyanzi Refugee Camp as a way of getting close to Rwandan returnees, and give them homes.

 Kanyankore says the money BRD is giving out will be used to build homes for Rwandese returnees in different districts for them to settle among their fellow Rwandans instead of living in camps.

The Ministry is preparing on settling Rwandan returnees in different sectors of the country, according to Antoine Ruvebana the Permanent Secretary in MIDIMAR

Kiyanzi Refugee Camp shelters about 3864 Rwandan returnees that were expelled from Tanzania this year 2013.  Rukara Refugee Camp in Kayonza district has about 1613 returnees and 8173 returnees have already settled in different district in the country. In total, the Rwandans that were expelled from Tanzania in 2013 are 13,650.

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