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Rwanda | Rwanda: Women trained on condom use

Rwanda | Woman demonstrating how a male condom is used

Woman demonstrating how a male condom is used

Training on usage of condoms is on progress in the country, aiming at sensitising on the issue.

It has been emphasised that women should be the first to know how the male condoms are used because they suffer the consequences of not using them or improper use

Alphonsine Murekatete

one of the trainers explains that apart from catching Aids and Sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected sex, there is a high risk of getting unwanted pregnancies to women and girls.

“Many girls get pregnant and suffer alone because they become shy of telling their partners to use condoms when they are having sexual intercourse,” narrates Murekatete

Murekatete emphasizes that every woman and girl should know how the condom is used. This will help them if they meet partners they do not trust or do not know how to use a condom where by women can encourage them and show them how to use them if necessary.

Women trainers confirm that they are going to put more effort on women sensitization so that condoms are not seen as items of shame but as a life saver.

Condom boxes will be placed in different centres so that whoever needs condoms picks them without any problem.

Women were trained by Health Poverty Action that teaches reproductive health and fights HIV/AIDS.


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