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Rwanda : Importance of Soya milk comes to public knowledge

Nyagatare health center has revealed that soya nutrients can help fighting poor eating habits as much as milk, according to the discussion between health experts and pregnant women/ mothers March2012.

Claudine Mukabutera, the in charge of child health in Nyagatare Health centre said that soya has all nutrients needed in building human body and it has mineral oils and salts.

She said; “soya is a rich crop with enough nutrients as it can have milk, oil and salts.” Claudine Mukabutara said that she pained by the fact that a lot of soya is grown in Nyagatare but people don’t know how to make milk out of it.

Claudine Mukabutara taught these women how to make milk from soya where she told them to get a cup of soya and soak it in water for eight hours and then pound it for 20 minutes. After it becomes clear flour mix it in 4 to 6 cups of water and sieve with a clean cloth and you get milk.

After this milk is got, you boil it for at least 10 minutes and add in milk ingredients for a great smell. After sieving, the remains can be used as soup after preparing and frying them. They’re rich and have rich nutrients and they are delicious.

Claudine Mukabutara encouraged these women to grow more soyas and to always get milk out of it as it can help them fight malnutrition in their families and support the government in its fight against poor eating habits.

this year starting on the 28th.Jan.2012, the government of Rwanda decided to make it a year of fighting against poor eating habits through ‘Girinka Munyarwanda’ and ‘Kunda amata Munyarwanda’ programs. Claudine said that those without cows shouldn’t worry about not getting milk and instead they should focus on planting soya because soya milk is as good as cow milk.

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