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Rwanda : Parents mistake teething with Dental infirmity

Rwanda | A teething baby

A teething baby

Health experts say that people confuse teething in children to be dental sickness (ibyinyo) in children does not exist.

Senior doctor of Byumba hospital, Dr. Fred Muhairwe asserts “canines are longer than other teeth. They pain a lot and grow first though they take long to appear due to their length. Some parents think their children have dental sickness which; does not exist.”

Doctor Muhairwe explains that a teething child gets high temperatures, diarrhea, biting hard stuff or the gum among others.

This makes teething a painful process. Some parents take their children and have their teeth removed before appearing through the gum, he adds.

Dr. Muhairwe affirms when teeth is removed, the baby is put to the risk of permanently not developing teeth and getting infection if they are improperly removed.

He advises parents to take babies to the hospitals when they get fever and other effects during teething.


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