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Rwanda | Gakenke: CDLS trains health workers on infant circumcision

CDLS trains health workers on infant circumcision

Sector workers, heads of health centers attending the meeting

To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, the District Aids control committees (CDLS) has organized training for sector workers in charge of social affairs and directors of health centres on Aids control.

The meeting that was held on December 6th 2012 was meant to sensitize parents on circumcising their male children at birth.

This follows the research findings that circumcision saves one 50-60 percent the risk of catching HIV/AIDS.

An infant heals in one week when circumcised when an adult can take up to six weeks before resuming marital responsibilities in case he is married, participants were told.

However, the participants highlighted that the existing challenge in this program is that of sensitizers who do not show good examples of what they tell residents.

Again, the participants reveal that there is no clear program set out to carry out circumcision when, its one way of preventing Aids.

Apart from AIDS, it saves women from cervical cancer if they meet circumcised men because the bacterium that causes cervical cancer lives in the outer skin layer that covers the top of the manhood.

CDLS organized the training under the support of the ministry of health (MINISANTE).




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