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Rwanda | Kayonza: Youth friendly centre to provide mobile services

Youth friendly centre

The coordinator of Kayonza Youth Friendly Center, Jean Claude Mwiseneza has revealed they will be taking the HIV testing services to the youth in the villages.

Mobile services are aimed at availing HIV testing services offered by the Kayonza youth friendly centre to the youth from far sectors, says Mwiseneza

Though the youth friendly centre-Kayonza was set up to sensitize youth on family planning, AIDS prevention, job creation and as a recreation centre, many youth do not know of its existence.

However, others know it but never seek its services because it’s in a long distance from their areas of residence, adds Coordinator Mwiseneza

To serve many youth, services will be extended to the village level and information will be passed on to the youth through sector administration.

Located in Mukarange sector, Kayonza youth friendly centre opened its doors in August 2012 but the number of youth seeking its services is small.



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