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USAID in Nyagatare offers lessons on Nutrition


Residents of Nyagatare district in the Eastern province of Rwanda have been called to give much attention to nutrition for the sake of their health.

This was said during the graduation function of Abadacogora Nutrition Team from the nutrition school. The Abadacogora team is in Gahurura cell in Rukomo sector in Nyagatare district.

In the Isangano village where this function was held, people testified to the positive changes that have occurred in their social welfare after learning about nutrition. People were given well balanced meals and taught how to balance diets in their homes.

“Poor nutrition causes poor health, makes one vulnerable to many diseases and infections” says one of the nutritionist in Rukomo sector Therese Nyirahabiyaremye.

According to Jean Marie Vianney Micomyiza who is in charge of nutrition in USAID HIGA UBEHO project, people now understand that good nutrition is as necessary as their human rights.

The Abadacogora team graduated after their achievements in making people understand the need for nutrition. Local people are adapting to nutrition lessons, planting vegetable gardens and using different techniques to make land productive.

Making land more productive is the best way of making use of small lands and to prove to people that they can live so well with the little land they own.

Barnabas Sebareme the chairperson of Abadacogora Nutrition Team says malnutrition does not only affect children but also adults. “Though adults do not show symptoms of malnutrition like children, they meet the same health problems in life.”

Sebareme says the good news is that all people in the villages know that good nutrition is everyone’s and every family’s responsibility.

Local people were told to own this program of promoting their nutrition and have good health within their families. “You should protect the vegetable gardens and discuss about better nutrition using the food available to you and promote the productivity of your land in the Parents’ Evening Program” says the executive secretary of Rukomo sector.

The executive secretary of Rukomo sector also told people to always discuss other productive programs when together like family planning among others.

About 540 local people are committed to learning about nutrition with USAID HIGA UBEHO project that operates in the Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda in the 6 sectors of Nyagatare district. They learn and operate through teams and a team that proves itself graduates but are always supported with both the sectors and the project.



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