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Village kitchen reduces malnutrition in Gisagara

Theoneste Abibone, a resident of agatunda village in Gitega cell, Mukindo sector in Gisagara district has testified that Igikoni cy’umudugudu (village kitchen) enabled her fight malnutrition.

Theoneste Abibone whose grandchild by names of Deborah suffered from malnutrition says that embracing the village kitchen program worked the magic.

“The child is fine and healthy now. I was advised on how to prepare a balanced diet and started feeding her vitamins”, explains Abibone

Village kitchen reduces malnutrition in Gisagara

Mukindo sector administration and residents confirm that garden kitchens and village kitchens have reduced malnutrition in Gisagara district.

This was achieved by sensitizing residents on making uturima tw’igikoni (kitchen gardens) and embracing igikoni cy’umudugudu (village kitchen) program.

Kitchen gardens and village kitchens programs became effective because Mukindo sector has fertile soils that favor all types of vegetables.

Residents highlight that malnutrition is greatly caused by some women who breastfeed children for a short period of time and those who do not breastfeed at all.

However, apart from growing vegetables malnutrition was reduced by Mukindo health centre that gives free milk to the parents in the presence of community health workers.

Filomene Niyonizeye, a community health worker in Agatunda village revealed that the decision to give children milk before health workers came after it was revealed that some parents sell milk for money instead.

Pacifique Iyamuremye, in charge of social affairs in Mukindo sector asks residents to have kitchen gardens, to embrace village kitchen program and to share milk with those without cows to eradicate malnutrition.

Out of 59 malnourished children in Mukindo sector in Gisagara district, only 25 show signs of malnutrition and being treated.


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