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Rubavu: Imbuto Foundation trains youth on reproduction health

Imbuto’Foundation in partnership with health organizations in Rubavu district has projects that teach young men and women about Reproductive health and how to deal with their body changes in different sectors.

Imbuto Foundation trains youth on reproduction health

Youth under 20 years tested for HIV/AIDS in the reproductive health program 

Nyamyumba sector Youth in Rubavu district said on Monday they were grateful of the continuous advisory support provided to them by the Imbuto Foundation through the knowledge of Reproduction Health and how to behave with their body changes.

These projects aim at answering the youth questions about their health, provide information on body changes, growth and development, reduce complications that might develop like AIDS, unwanted pregnancies and especially protect them from engaging in sexual relations at a young age.

On this Saturday the 15th, 02, 2014 about 500 youth from Nyamyumba sector were encouraged to go to Health Centers to learn more about their reproductive health and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other infections contracted through sexual relations.

Aimable Mbituyimana who works in Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), such sensitization programs help the youth to know how to behave especially during their body changes as they move to maturity by providing them with information they need.

John Ntigengwa who coordinates the health department in Imbuto Foundation says this sensitization program is meant to inform the youth of the services put in place for them in health centers as well as provide them with information that will guide them to being mature and responsible adults.

“Such sensitization programs guides the youth behavioural changes, reduces the issues affecting youth like unwanted pregnancies.

The programs will be introduced to the youth is schools to reach both school going and non school going youth” explains Rachel Nyirasafari Rusine the vice mayor for social affairs in the district.

The program will enlighten the youth on the dangers of having unprotected sexual relations.

In Rubavu district, Imbuto Foundation works in 5 health centers through provision of information about their reproductive health desired by the youth through Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights program (ASRH&R).

ASRH&R aims at reducing the infections of HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies in the youth and Sexual Transmitted Diseases/Infections.

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