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Rubavu encouraging circumcision to reduce AIDS infections

About 3000 men have undergone circumcision at Rubavu District Hospital; the program is one of strategies aiming to reduce HIV/AIDS infections in the year 2014 though the number is little compared to the District goal.

m_Rubavu encouraging circumcision to reduce AIDS infections

Some medical researches indicate that Circumcision could reduce 60percent risk on AIDS infection

Rubavu District expects about 11000 men to circumcise as a preventive measure among others in a move to reducing HIV/AIDS infections and only about 3800 men have already participated in this health venture.

The district offers free circumcision services to men who are willing to do so in a new program being held in Mudende sector.

This new program is effective to all men in Busasamana and Bugeshi sector.

Major Dr William Kanyenkore the director of Gisenyi Hospital says that even though the Circumcision initiative has been going for some time, this program provides free services to all men willing to circumcise.

The Ministry of Health has been promoting circumcision since male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60percent.

Male circumcision is also believed to help in protecting sexual partner from acquiring cervical cancer.

Research has proved that the bacteria in the uncircumcised male organ are responsible in transmitting the cervical cancer.

A circumcised male organ is less likely to be infected with some kind of cancers unlike uncircumcised organ; it is less likely to be infected with HIV/AIDS even when unprotected sexual intercourse happens, according to medical researches

Major Dr William Kanyenkore says though most men shun this preventive measure of aids due to fear of being operated on, there are other ways to circumcise that do not involve much pain. He cited an example of the ring method that is easy and harmless and in one week, a person is fine.

Dr William Kanyenkore encourages all men to circumcise and mother to circumcise their children for the sake of their health.

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