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Gatsibo faces malnutrition scare

Gatsibo faces malnutrition scare

Malnutrition is a key public health issue and is one of the major causes of infant, child and maternal morbidity and mortality.

Meanwhile, Gatsibo leaders have highlighted malnutrition is increasing day by day, especially among pregnant mothers and children below 2 years.

District sectors’ staff, Gatsibo Hospitals’ staff, community health workers, National Police and Army, partners in development like World vision discussed several measures against malnutrition.

Among them is sensitising families on vegetable growing, preparing a balanced diet, having a food pot for children below 5 years and feeding children with a cup of milk daily.

“For example, vegetables are useful and affordable but residents never take their growing seriously,” says Esperance Uwimpuhwe; vice-mayor for social affairs in Gatsibo district.

Partners have dedicated a reasonable amount for minimizing malnutrition in Gatsibo district for the past 3 years, for example, Adventist Development and Relief Agency {ADDRA} donated over $800,000.

Nutrition Survey (2012) shows that prevalence of chronic malnutrition among children under 5 years of age is at 43 per cent in Rwanda.

The government of Rwanda sensitizes people to grow kitchen gardens, proper feeding and more measures to arrest malnutrition.




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