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Nyamagabe : Parents in malnutrition eradication campaign

Nyamagabe : Parents in malnutrition eradication campaign

Tare Sector children having nutritious meals at the community kitchen

Parents in Tare sector, Nyamagabe district now understand the prevention is better than cure after vowing to prevent their children from being affected with malnutrition and related infections like kwashiorkor and instead opt for healthy nutrition for growth and development of their children. 

Tare parents revealed their commitment to good nutrition during a campaign to promote health of infants for the first 1000 days since conception up to 2 years of the child’s life.

The campaign was promoted by Rwanda Biomedical Center and National Women Council and was funded by UNICEF.

“Lack of knowledge in preparing nutritious meals makes us feed our children badly affecting their growth but now that we are aware of preparing balanced diet meals, our children will be safe,” said Caritas Kankindi, one of mothers in Tare sector.

According to Colette Kayitesi a health official in Nyamagabe district, the district has put much effort in fighting malnutrition in children and there is now hope that parents understand about nutrition.

“Since 2012, we had more that 900 children with malnutrition issues but the recent report for April 2014 shows only 350 children children have effects of poor nutrition and are recovering. This is a big improvement for us,” said Kayitesi.

Nyamagabe district is promoting the village nutrition education programs as channels to keep teaching parents about nutrition and its benefits to the children’s growth and development.

Through this campaign, Mothers were called upon to eat well nutritionally and attend antenatal services since conception until birth, to solely breastfeed their newborns for the first 6 months and keep breastfeeding them after introducing food up to until 2 years of age and vaccinate the children accordingly.

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