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Why you should wash new clothes before wearing


Some new clothes are clean and look perfect with bright colours which make it easy for some people to wear them without washing.

Truth is every cloth whether new or used should be washed first. There are two good reasons to wash your new dress or pair of pants before wearing them.

For comfort

Washing clothes makes them softer and more comfortable to wear. This also applies to bed linens and towels.

To avoid allergy reactions

New clothes have extra dye that can be transferred to your skin or other garments causing a rash. For example babies are sensitive and their clothes must be washed before they are worn.

Though washing removes such chemical finishes that manufacturers use to enhance colour or texture, you should check for rinse water. If color remains in the water, it make take several washings to get rid of the excess dye.

Clothing from consignment or thrift stores should always be washed or dry-cleaned before wearing to prevent skin irritation.

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