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Musanze: District doubles efforts in fighting HIV

District doubles efforts in fighting HIV

Local leaders in Musanze district have teamed up in a drama to educate youth on how to protect themselves from the killer disease HIV/AIDS.

The play was showcased on February 5th 2014 during the event to close the “Nkuyobore k’Ubuzima” campaign, which started on December 19th 2013 in Ngororero district, to other districts of Rwanda and concluded in Musanze district.

The play titled ‘Nkuyobore k’Ubuzima’ carried information on how youth are tempted and how they can come out of such temptations.

Pierre Celestin Gatera, executive secretary of Migeshi cell, Cyuve sector said that the move is meant to display their understanding on what youth go through and advise them on what to do in that situation.

“We acted this short film so that youth get to know that we understand well what we teach them about always,” he adds

Beata Harerimana, Director of Cyuve secondary school says that youth feel their teachers are close to them and approachable when they see them act on the youth’s life.

Also on the crew, Providence Akabeza, Director of Gitinda group of schools in Cyuve sector narrates that they emphasized on youth life to tell them how to abstain, use condoms and in case of contracting the disease, they should seek medical assistance immediately.

Providence Akabeza explains “Our aim was to show youth that we passed that stage one time but we are more experienced than them because we know how we managed that stage and the lessons we learnt from it”.

Winifrida Mpembyemungu, mayor of Musanze district narrated that giving out information through a play is vital as it shows today’s youth that nobody grows old without being a youth.

The mayor clarifies “No man jumps that stage of being young and desire women or one becomes a parent without being youth. Youth should embrace this message as they fight HIV/Aids”. She adds

During the event to close ‘Nkuyobore k’Ubuzima’ campaign in Musanze district, leaders were trained on how to help youth on protection against HIV/Aids and to protect youth from false information that can lead them into trouble.


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