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Ngoma: Local residents get safe water solution

Local residents of Kibungo sector, Ngoma district, Eastern Province of Rwanda have welcomed the introduction of a safe water solution called “Pure.

The function to unveil the new water chemical was held at Cyasemakamba stadium in Ngoma town. Local residents have been aware of the water solution through radio advertisements but had never seen it physically.

That is why the district authority in collaboration with PSI Rwanda organized an event to showcase the product and explain to the residents how it is used.

Pure is distributed by PSI/Rwanda which works closely with local organizations in implementing programmatic activities to create a sustainable system of health impact among the local population.

Bizimana Etienne, PSI coordinator in Eastern Province explains the difference between sur-Eau and   pure where he said that sur-Eau is used to clean water while pure clears dirty water and it turns clear and colourless.

To demonstrate how pure works, dirty water was put in the bucket, pure (powder form) was added in and water turned clear and colorless after a few minutes of stirring. The residents pledged to start use clean water even if they get it from a dirty source with the use of “pure” powder.

One of the residents said; “This is miraculous to me, this is development! Our government should be praised for its constant care towards its nationals”. Pure has come as an answer for the people in Ngoma district who have dirty water sources, adds the resident.

When residents asked about the side effects of Pure which is marked “Keep out of reach of children” on the packet, they were told that it was assessed and is harmless. It can be accessed and a packet that purifies 10 litres of water costs 50 Rwandan francs.

When used correctly and consistently as part of a safe water system including proper personal hygiene, correct water storage and handling, and correct and consistent water treatment, Pure water solution prevents most waterborne infections


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