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Government embarks on condom distribution in public offices

Government embarks on condom distribution in public offices

The ministry of Labor and public service has launched a new condom distribution project among civil servants in a bid to reduce HIV/Aids infections and unwanted pregnancies among government workers

The first initiative was launched on December 30, 2013 in Rutsiro district with over 54.000 condoms distributed among public service offices. The plan is to reach out as many civil servants countrywide in the future.

Though condoms are seen as a social taboo in some communities, the donation was highly received by the beneficiaries and district officials said that this will cut on the costs of an individual accessing the condoms in shops.

Eugene Shumbusho, the district pharmacy director, which is in charge of distributing the condoms, said that though some people may have a wrong perception on condoms, the event is intended to safeguard the community and condoms should be seen as a tool to a healthy sexual lifestyle.

He also noted that if the condoms are used effectively, the results will be evidenced especially in curbing down HIV/Aids infections and prevalence levels.

In 2014, Rutsiro district plans on using over 12millions on access to quality health services, and 17millions on HIV/Aids project of raising awareness of population on causes, controls and impact of non communicable disease and also cut the HIV prevalence by 30 per cent from the current 15 per cent.

The government has previously worked with its partners in health, to distribute condoms and place them in toilets within public offices. It is believed that the condoms have been very useful to an extent despite the fact that some residents see it as a way of promoting sex.

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