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This year’s Army Week focuses on treating Genocide survivors

This year’s Army Week focuses on treating Genocide survivors

At Kiziguro hospital in Gatsibo district Rwanda Defense Forces medical team this March 13, 2014 has reached out to various genocide survivors giving them free treatment.

The Army week, Rwanda army’s free-treatment drive, reached Gatsibo, after going through 19 districts countrywide.

Experts from Kanombe military hospital will provide free treatment to various residents, especially for genocide survivors who still suffer from wounds left behind as a result of the genocide.

According to the RDF medical team leader, Dr. Major King Kayondo the exercise will see residents get medical assistance for respiratory, eye, dental and skin diseases among many cases that will be handled throughout the week.

The drive will be held at Kiziguro and Ngarama hospitals in Gatsibo, and it is expected that most cases will be handled under the intense week of medical treatment spurred by Rwanda army medical experts.

Kayondo said that in case there are some severe cases that need more attention and intensive surgery, they will be transferred to Kanmbe military hospital.

While launching the Army week exercise, The Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Alvera Mukabaramba hailed the defense forces for reaching out to Rwandans especially genocide survivors.

The service is organized in line with Army Week Activities that have been common customs of Rwanda Defence Force members in countrywide. For this time more than 6000 survivors and others in need who live with clinical and physiological injuries will benefit from the program.

Ruberangeyo Theophile, Acting Executive Secretary of Fund for Support to Genocide Survivors (FARG)  says that survivors will benefit a lot from the service and thanked the Army saying that ” RDF soldiers have saved us many times and that is why we always call on them whenever there are serious wounds among us requiring urgent attention”

The Army week is a medical outreach initiative of the Rwanda Defense forces which is aimed at having the forces involved in the development and transformation of the Rwandan community, which was liberated from political oppression and subsequent genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

The event has since focused on different clusters of communities in need, including children and youth with disabilities and the mentally handicapped, the old and the most vulnerable of society.

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