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Kibogora Hospital set to expand

Kibogora Hospital set to expand

Kibogora hospital, in Nyamasheke district, Western province will expand its facilities as a way of improving health services. The facility serves over 240 thousand patients a year.

The revelation was made by Dr. Damien Nsabimana, the Kibogora Hospital director, during a Health Media tour that will see health reporters visit various hospital facilities countrywide, to get acquainted with health operations.

“In order to meet the demands of the hospital, we have to expand the facilities as a way of maintaining our health standards, and services since the hospital facility have now grown old and need to be upgraded” said Dr. Damien Nsabimana, the Hospital director.

Kibogora Hospital set to expand2

Kibogora hospital is Methodist Church owned hospital located in the Western Province-Nyamasheke District, and was built 1940,s and become a Hospital in 1968 with 110 beds under the guidance of Dr. Albert Snyder, and his wife Louise-a Methodist Missionary team back then.

The construction project is set to kick off in July, 2014, with an expansion budget that will cost over Rwf158million for the pediatric center and over Rwf1.3billions for the maternity and surgery wards.

Kiogora hospital in one of the district referral hospitals that have best practices in community health care and health services, which are evidently seen by the level of hygiene and organization of the hospital staff and relations with the patients

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