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Health workers demand more training

Some of the health workers in Kabaya sector

Some of the health workers in Kabaya sector

Health workers in Ngororero district have asked the ministry of health to provide more training to enable them improve their outreach and counseling services to the community.

The demand was made by health workers at Kabaya district hospital in Kabaya sector, Ngororero district, this June 17, 2014.

Kabaya hospital serves over 173.000 from four sectors in Ngororero district. The hospital is also known for best practices in maternal and child health services.

Jean Baptiste Nsengiyaremye, one of the health workers says that health workers have been involved in community education and mobilization programs but in some case they encounter cases, which need expertise in family planning and counseling.

“We do our best to reach out to the community, but we need more training so as to do our job well. In most cases we encounter issues that need expertise and we cannot resolve them immediately because of lack of skills” he said.

The health workers also demand for an increase in their motivation and facilitation which is currently at 30 percent.

Health workers do get a 30 percentage income on each outreach job they do in promotion of good health practices and prevention of diseases and infection in the community. The other 70 percent of the income goes to their respective cooperatives.

Child mortality rates still remain a concern for the Kabaya community and the health workers say that through outreach programs, they want to reduce child mortality rates by 100 percent.

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