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Rwanda | Gisagara: Youth above 18 accorded access to health care

Youth above 18 accorded access to health care

Youth above 18 years of age in Gisagara district have been allowed to have their mutual health insurance (mutuelle de santé) without regardless of whether other family members have it or not.

This is because the health insurance program policy does not allow youth and other residents to access medical care when the rest of the family members have no health insurance.

Because most youth are responsible for their siblings and parents, it was decided that youth above 18 years should not be counted in any family so that they are allowed access to medical care.

Eric Manirakiza aged 18 from Kibirizi sector narrates that he started paying his school fees and taking care of his two sisters and mother at 16 years old.

“I could never receive medical attention because my mother and sisters had no health insurance,” Manirakiza laments.

Allowing youth to have health insurance when their family members do not have, is another way of increasing mutual health insurance coverage in Gisagara district.

Also, to raise health insurance coverage in Gisagara district, Gisagara residents that get treatment in Huye district have been asked to register on the Huye residents list.

While the mutual health insurance policy requires everyone to have insurance and demand heavy fines of Rwf5000 and Rwf10000, health insurance coverage in Gisagara district is at 68.2 percent including 64.29 percent.

This is shows that a big number of people in this district have no capacity to afford health insurance (mutuelle) on time.

Gisagara district calls on residents to embrace health insurance programs to protect their lives. Fine is between Rwf5000 and Rwf10000.


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