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Rwanda | Muhanga: Lack of Personnel alarms at Kabgayi Hospital

A large number of patients attending Kabgayi Hospital in Muhanga district seeking medical services have outweighed a significantly small number of medical personnel, a cause that has brought concern to many residents in the area.

The hospital reception is always full of people especially the new patients throughout the working hours not saying those who come earlier before the opening hours to get earlier numbers and be able to see the doctors.

Muhanga Lack of Personnel alarms at

Patients on the waiting


Some of the patients with emergency cases or who do not have the whole to wait for the doctors decide to move to other hospitals to try their lack.

This was the case with a student from National University of Rwanda who had brought his fellow who got sick while in the area but since he could not get to meet a doctor due to many patients; he decided to take his friend to another private hospital before his condition becomes worse.

Some of the patients say that sometimes they spend a night in the hospital for them to be able to see the doctor early tomorrow morning. This is done by sleeping on the chairs in the corridors of the hospital since they cannot sleep in patients’ wards because they are not admitted.

According to Dr. Osee Sebatunzi the director of Kabgayi Hospital says they know this problem and they are looking for ways to solve it and the urgent issue is lack of enough space where patients wait before meeting the doctors.

He however said that they are preparing on how to expand the waiting area as soon as possible and to increase the personnel at the reception as well as the doors to the reception hall.

Dr. Sebatunzi also said that they are yet to introduce reception desks in different services of the hospital for people to be received according to services they desire and to be able to pay bills without going to the main reception hall.

This will solve the discomfort of outgoing patients who spend a lot of time waiting on the queue to be able to clear their bills along other patients who need to get appointments to meet doctors.

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