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Huye: Gishamvu sector achieves 100 percent in Health insurance programme

In the period when people are being called upon to pay their contribution to the local Mutuelle de santé Medical insurance, residents of Gishamvu sector in Huye district have already fulfilled their part.

Gishamvu sector achieves 100All families in Gishamvu sector have all paid for their Mutuelle de santé up to 103, 4 percent. This achievement was due to Intwambwe groups all residents are part of and the Parents’ Morning and Evening Programs.

According to Emmanuel Bizimana Ruti the executive secretary of Gishanvu Sector, the Intambwe groups help people to collect money, little by little and even support the poor in the groups.

“They advice and talk about issues in the Parents’ Morning and Evening Programs and work on priorities in their families as a team” says the executive secretary. “Collecting money in the groups earlier on is one of the reasons we pulled this early in the economic year, we are now working on collecting the contributions for the next year.”

Up to present, the participation of local people in Mutuelle de santé medical insurance program in Huye district is at 69.1% including the poor and vulnerable who are beneficiaries of the government.

Maraba sector is the sector still far back in the participation of this program with 48.9% following on Kigoma sector with 57.6% of its population participating in this program.


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