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Nyabihu District working to prevent spread of AIDS infections

People are being encouraged to test for AIDS and know their status

People are being encouraged to test for AIDS and know their status

Fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS infections among people is a strategy being applied in Rwanda so as to curb the increase of pandemic.

In the performing contracts of Nyabihu district for 2013/2014 financial year, the district intends to sensitize at least 13000 males undergo voluntary circumcision by June 2014.

With only 6 months to go to fulfill this performing contract, so far 5000 males have voluntarily agreed to sensitization as a preventive measure to reduction AIDS spread rate according to Alexandre Sahunkuye the vice mayor for social affairs.

 All districts in Rwanda are doing all they can, applying all strategies to reduce the spread of new infections especially through sensitization and even circumcision.

According to Sostene Nzitonda the coordinator to a commission that fights HIV/AIDS in the district, prostitution is still on top on increasing the spread of HIV/AIDS. The district is working on bringing all prostitutes to an association and encouraging them to establish other projects different from prostitution so that they get out of the Pandemic danger and social immorality.

Nyabihu district has about 2000 of its population infected with AIDS with 3percent of Rwandan population being AIDS positive according to the research done in 2010. With this number, the goal is to ensure no new infections are spread.

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