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Nyabihu: District Maternal deaths drop

District Maternal deaths drop

showing the report given through Rapid SMS program

The Ministry of Health report on Medical performance has confirmed an improvement of medical services at Shyira Hospital in Nyabihu District; the report said there were no deaths of expectant mothers during delivery the whole of 2013.

Alongside Shyira Hospital, Kibogora Hospital in Nyamasheke district and Mugonero Hospital in Karongi district were also mentioned to have managed to save lives of all mothers who were giving birth in the program thereby eradicating maternal and infant mortality rates.

The card that showing the report given through Rapid SMS program

According to Pierre Dusenge the health officer in Nyabihu district, the program was emphasized at the village level. The Community health counselors were elected in every village to follow up the health progress of expectant mother’s life on the daily basis until birth.

Out of 1419 community health counselors in Nyabihu district, about 473 are specifically in charge of following up the expectant mothers’ lives and that of the unborn children.

The Health counselor gives report about the health of the mother and the child to the nearest Health Center; they remind mothers of the next antenatal visit and vaccination period on time.

The community health advisors use the new method of Rapid SMS to send report to the Health centers. This method has also increased the number of mothers giving birth in Hospitals and on time.

When parents get to the hospitals on time, it increases the chance of safe delivery and ensures the survival of mother and the child.

Apart from the use of rapid SMS, Pierre Dusenge says people’s understanding has changed for the better concerning giving birth at home which was a habit in the district. The expansion of health facilities with 8 Health Posts in the district increased the chances of many mothers giving birth with medical help.

“All these reasons confirm why Shyira Hospital never lost any mother during delivery in the whole year” says Pierre Dusenge.

Directors of Hospital, health centers, the community Health counselors and local leaders are asked to keep up the hard work and reduce mortality rate of many mothers and infants.


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