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Burera: Residents urged to embrace health insurance

Samuel Sembagare, mayor of Burera district

Samuel Sembagare, mayor of Burera district

Burera district has urged residents to embrace community based health insurance [mutualle], to improve access to health care for the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Mutual health insurance coverage rate is 78.7 per cent in Burera when the program has less than 2 months to end.

“New strategies have been put in place to make remaining residents contribute before the year ends in June 2014,” said Samuel Sembagare; mayor of Burera district.

However, residents revealed to this website the reasons for the delay to contribute.

“Some residents were put in Ubudehe categories beyond their capacity. It’s difficult for some people to raise Rwf 3000 for every member of the family,” said Margaritta Mukansigaye, a resident.

“Ubudehe”, a traditional Kinyarwnda word that defines the collective effort employed towards solving social problems is a national program aiming at fighting poverty in rural parts of Rwanda.

The program categorized Rwandans in six categories depending on the economic status of each individual household, these are: Abject poor, very poor, poor, resourceful poor, food rich and money rich.

Mutual health care insurance programs were implemented in 2004 and are supported by household-based contributions. From 2006, the head of the household paid a collective contribution for all dependents equal to $1.70US (per household member).

Rwanda’s coverage rate of mutuelle is 93 per cent.

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