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Health for Rwanda moves to eradicate oral illnesses

Gishamvu sector residents were taught how to brush well and have oral health

Gishamvu sector residents were taught how to brush well and have oral health

Rwanda Medical students who study in Rwanda and America, through the Health for Rwanda initiative carried a sensitization campaign on oral healthy in Gishanvu sector of Huye district.

“Having oral health requires some work. You need to brush your teeth properly, and use gentle, circular motions on the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth,” explained JMV Kayinamura, the director of dentistry department in Kabutare Hospital to residents.

He also told residents to brush gently as forceful strokes result in gum damage.

The move is to eliminate oral diseases in the area. Reports have established that oral diseases are mostly common in rural areas which are therefore in dire need of oral health therapists.

Kayinamura believes that oral health awareness is vital in fighting against oral diseases. “The way to improve health care in the country is through awareness and thanks to volunteers from Healthy for Rwanda.”

The students in Health for Rwanda association also visited other six health centers across the country.  He added that dental decay is the commonest oral ailment which he attributed to low awareness on oral hygiene in Huye district.

Kayinamura indicated that oral health is important to public health, as other diseases can stem from poor oral health.

“The majority of people around do not take periodic dental check-ups seriously, so thanks to the volunteers from Health for Rwanda who are to carry out the awareness campaign.

For Felix Habineza the director of Gishamvu Health Center, having volunteers to teach local people on health issues is the best that could happen to the Health center staff.

Apart from providing the instructions to oral health, the students in Health for Rwanda gave out tooth paste and toothbrushes to all residents of Gishamvu sector.

Grace Umutesi a member of Health for Rwanda said the association was started by medical students in the USA who wanted to help Rwandans have good health. Health for Rwanda does sensitization on general healthy programs before graduate.

Statistics from Kabutare Hospital indicate that over 450 patients were received.

Healthy experts believe 95 percent of oral diseases can be prevented.

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