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Rwanda family planning efforts record good results

Rwanda family planning effortsUnited Nations Family Planning Association (UNFPA) has commended Rwanda for its family planning programs and efforts in reducing child mortality rates and maternal mortality rates among pregnant women in Rwanda.

These remarks were made on Thursday at the launch of the state of world population report of 2012 that carried the theme by choice not by chance family planning human rights and sustainable development.

A report compiled by UNFPA shows that the infant and maternal mortality rate have reduced, the maternal mortality rate is now at 476 deaths of every 100.000 expecting women and infant mortality rate is at 76 of every 1000 infants.

The report shows that in 2010 in Rwanda infant mortality rate was 101 to 1000 and now is at 76, while the maternal mortality rate was 1071 to 100.000 and now is at 476 to 100.000.

A UNFPA Rwanda Official, Sheikh Fall thanked the Rwandan government for implementing family planning programs and reducing maternal mortality rates, He said family planning helps the population by uplifting them from poverty leading to their development.

President of the senate Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo who was the guest of honor also appealed to Rwandans to adopt family planning as a means of improving lives and attaining development.

“Family planning, first of all is a right and it helps in development, of an individual in their home and the country people shouldn’t do it by chance but by choice. Rwandans should produce children they can raise and be of value in building the country” Ntawukuriryayo said.

During this launch of the swop report UNFPA also awarded the key figures in Rwanda committed to population issues.  Among those rewarded was the President of the Senate Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, who played a significant role in promoting family planning and improved health services while he was the minister of Health.

Others included the Minister of Finance, John Rwangombwa, who was also recognized for his focus and emphasis on financing policies and projects intended to promote the welfare and economy of the citizens.



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