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Rwanda wedges war on malnutrition

Being one of the eight African countries chosen for research, Rwanda government with Cost of Hunger Study in Africa (COHA) have embarked on eradication of malnutrition and its effect among children below the age of five. 


It’s in this line that officials from the ministry of Health, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Education and Rwanda Governance Board Rwanda in partnership with The Cost of Hunger Study in Africa (COHA) met to design measures of eradicating malnutrition in Rwanda.


Leopold Kazungu, in charge of Community Based Nutrition at Ministry of health asserts that though there are few malnourished children below age five, those who suffered from malnutrition still suffer the its consequences.


In Rwanda, 44percent of children under five years suffer malnutrition defects while 3 percent children have malnutrition, Kazungu explains.


However, children who suffer from malnutrition in Rwanda are those who lack balanced diet due to parents’ poverty or ignorance, he adds.


Rwanda wedges war on malnutrition

Ministers in groups devising measures of preventing hunger and its impact


Some of the effects of malnutrition in children include stunted growth that affects them physically and mentally.


COHA administration aims at helping African countries to eradicate malnutrition and its negative impact on the children below five years of age.


The Cost of Hunger Study in Africa (COHA) is a project led by African Union Commission and supported by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and World Food Programme WFP).


It works in 12 African countries and the study is being implemented in support of African Regional Nutrition strategy 2005-2015. The findings of the research will be implemented in Rwanda in this year 2013.



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